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How much do you really know about yourself? Do you know your strength in the face of adversity? Do you know your ability to persevere under constant opposition? Do you know your weakness when faced with a vice? Do you know how well you can deceive yourself in the face of something you don’t want to believe is true of yourself or of something that affects you emotionally? Do you know the debilitating affect of your fears and your insecurities on your life? Do you know what your fears and insecurities are? Do you know the power of justice or of injustice that you bring with you when it is a part of a corporate push for justice or injustice? Do you know your potential for good? Do you know your potential for evil? Do you know the harmful effects of your stubbornness on your life and on the lives of others? Do you know the harmful effects of your apathy or feebleness on your life and on the lives of others?

Since theories of self-awareness started to raise their heads (before and after Freud), the common understanding has been that we are not aware of all that takes place within our psyche. We have been socialised to hold certain bias, we have been taught to respond in certain ways, we have internalised false truths that are maintained because they benefit us on some level even if it is unhealthy. We have been created with a rebellious nature that helps us to test our boundaries, discover our potential for greatness and helps us achieve it even in the face of evidence to the contrary; but the same rebellion becomes our obstacle to greatness when we fail to follow the wisdom set before us. We are created with certain defence mechanisms that are necessary for survival and growth but then they also become hindrances to the same. There is so much that we think we know, but clearly we don’t; which is why one theory after another finds its place in the sun – there is no ultimate theory devised by humans about our human condition that can claim to cover every base. The only theory that is inclusive is the one given by God Himself – in order to live fully into who we are created to be, we need the help of the One who created us. In all things, we respond “with God’s help I will” because there is so much about myself and the world that I do not understand. With God’s help I will not give up learning how to live in the fullness of the love of God. With God’s help I will not allow that which would distract me from my purpose to interfere with the fulfilment of my calling. With God’s help, I will continue to pay attention to the world and the work of God in it. With God’s help I will continue to be a part of “us” because it is when I am a part of “us” that I am able to become what I was meant to be because it is then that we become what we are meant to be.


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