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Readings: Malachi 3: 1-4, Luke 1: 68-79, Philippians 1: 3-11, Luke 3: 1-6

I remember when I was a child; it was really exciting to receive a letter addressed to me in the post-box. I was too young to get window letters (bills) and so every letter was a friendly letter. My sister and I used to rush to the post-box to be the one to fetch in the post because there was always the possibility that there would be a letter for us (especially around April because our birthday’s are only five days apart). Even when we didn’t have post, my mom would let us open her post sometimes and this was always an exciting moment; not necessarily because of the content but because of the possibility that every single letter held in it. We didn’t always understand what was written in the letters and we were often unable to concentrate all of the way to the end of the letter; but there was always a possibility that our names would come up and that people would have thought enough about us to mention us by name. What a joy it was to discover that you were significant to somebody outside of the family.

Even better than those letters were the ones my mom wrote to others and mentioned us by name; telling them how we were doing because it was always wonderful hearing your parents boast about you to others.

I wonder if we had received window letters addressed to us at that age or if we had received fines in the post during those years if we would have been so excited to go out and fetch the mail. We long for letters, but we don’t long for those letters that call us to order because we have functioned outside of socially acceptable behaviour (the law) or ask us to commit to sacrificing for the sake of responsibility.

We long for God to intervene in the world and we see signs of that intervention in different ways and at different times (even though God always intervenes but we are not always attentive to it). Sometimes, that intervention is one of embracing and boasting of us as His faithful children and sometimes it is an intervention that calls us to order and to remember our commitment to Him because we are in a covenantal relationship and we do at times go astray. Sometimes it is an intervention of correction because we are complicating the relationship that we have with God and that others have with God. The great big love letter from God to us that we have in the Word of God and the smaller letters that we have in the intervention of others in our lives are never bad letters and we never have to fear God’s presence and word in our lives because every single letter, note, memo, email from God is good because everything from God is good.

It can be no other way and so we never have to fear that which comes from God because it not only holds great possibility but it holds within it an eternal possibility that brings with it the best of love, peace , joy and hope.

Receive the gift of life this season as God gives you the gift of His Word. Receive Jesus. Receive God’s profession of love for you.


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