From Gavin’s desk 28 July ’19

Readings: Colossians 2: 6-23, Psalm 127, John 14: 15-24
I think that our faith journey is much like our relationship with the sea and the shore. Most people enjoy the surf whilst they are on solid ground. We play in the water at the edge of the sea so that we have what we think is the best of both worlds. A little bit of both means we experience a little bit of the power of both but never enjoy the fullness of either. When we are on solid ground, we still remain wet and a little unsteady as the water beats against us and even though we are in the water, we do not experience the full power of the ocean because we are rooted on the semi-solid ground that shifts and slides under our feet. If you want to experience the solid foundation of the earth without the destabilizing effect of the waves smashing against your legs and body; you need to get out of the water completely. If you want to experience the full power of the ocean as it sweeps everything with a little buoyancy in it up and down on the waves regardless of its weight or size; you have to get off of the land and go into the water to where you are deep enough not to have the option of standing on the semi-solid ground.
We all come to faith in Christ from a particular world view and we sometimes spend most of our lives on the edge of both our world view and our life in Christ, without really ever choosing whether we will immerse ourselves in the one or in the other. If our faith in Christ is the shore and our world view is the sea; we fail to experience the solid foundation of God because we continue to remain under the power of the pulsating and changing tides of the world’s random preferences and every time we experience crisis, we find that we do not really have any solid ground to stand on, just the little bits of shifting ground that is ultimately influenced by the motion of the water. If our faith in Christ is like the sea and our world view is like the shore, we never get to experience the full joy of being swept up and down in the powerful expressions of God’s love as we submit ourselves to Him completely as the might and glory of His work whirls on around us and we also never get to experience the tranquillity and the calmness that is a part of the soothing nature of God’s peace as He carries our soul over the still waters of His presence.
We fail to experience the full power of God’s presence in us and through us because we remain fixed in the space between God and the world. We don’t have to live without a solid foundation or a vibrancy of faith because our invitation is to trust ourselves to God fully. This trust comes with an experience of God’s faithfulness and His goodness and so the journey of committing ourselves to God fully is one that is best taken one step at a time until we are ready for Him to be our life and our purpose. Take the step and each new step after that because He is faithful and He is good.

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