From Gavin’s Desk 11/08/2019

A perfect person does not exist. A community that is made up of imperfect people can exist. A community that is made perfect despite the imperfections of those who make it up can exist. My weaknesses allow your strengths to hold us up and your weaknesses allow my strengths to hold us up. Where I am weak you are strong and it matters when you and I have the same goal, the same vision and we have found the joy in allowing each other to be a part of that vision without fear of favour, without intimidation, without insecurity. How beautiful it is when I am free to play my role in an ever developing story of hope and peace. How beautiful it is when you are free to play your role in the same story. Diverse gifts, different understanding, different steps, one goal, one unit, one dance, one vision, one hope.

Scripture so beautifully describes the people of God as a single unit, a people who are one because they are loved by God, led by God, obedient to God. The believer, set apart to make God’s boundless love known to the unbeliever. Siblings grappling with the meaning of life. One has found meaning and wants to make it known; the other has not found meaning and is not yet ready to hear. One is caring, one is careless. One is betrothed to a faithful and loving God and the other is open to anything that looks like it might bring pleasure. One has found something that satisfies their soul and the other cannot find satisfaction in anything. One is faithful to their betrothed and the other is faithful to nothing. One cares for all who need to be cared for and the other cares for themselves. One receives the affections of their betrothed and the other receives the lusts of anyone. One is served by their betrothed just as they serve their betrothed; the other only serves their many lovers but is never served in return. One wants for nothing because they have all that they need and the other wants for everything because they don’t know what they need.

The faithful servant, the noble wife, the body of Christ. A community brought together in God through faith in the reconciling work of Christ. A community that is not at war with itself, but a community in which the parts will pick up the baton when it is needed and pass it over when it is needed. A community that brings glory to the God they worship because of the way in which they give expression to the love of God that surrounds them like a blanket. A people brought together by the grace of God and learning to love each other with the help of God. Never uncomplicated, never easy, always complex, always a little chaotic, ever dynamic, ever praying, always family, always place for one more at the table.


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