From Gavin’s desk 22/03/2020

From Gavin’s desk 22/03/2020

Readings: 1 Samuel 16: 1-13, Psalm 23, Ephesians 5: 8-14, John 9: 1-41

What is important to you? Which information do you focus on in any given situation? Which information do you fail to notice in that same situation? I did not notice whether you were wearing a dress or a suit. I did not notice what colour shoes you were wearing. I did notice that you were bringing me a cup of coffee. I did notice that you were holding a stick. I did not hear what you said about something but I did notice how you said it. I did not remember the words you used, but I did remember the expression on your face when you said it and I remember the way it left me feeling.

We filter so much every single moment of our lives. We cannot function without a filter because there would just be too much information to process and so we have this incredible ability to learn with each passing experience which information is important to us and which information is not as important to us. We scan the whole and focus on the parts that are a pleasure or a threat and we ignore the rest. Sometimes, we don’t even know why we see some things and leave other things out. This is a part of the reason we can be present at the same event and perceive it very differently. I pick what I need to know or what I want to hear and filter out all of the other information and you do the same.

As I get older and I need my world to stay the same because I think I have it all worked out; I find that my filter gets even finer because I choose to ignore information that I would once have found important. I filter out what I fear will change my perception of reality because I actually want to believe what I want to believe and I want to see what I want to see. I want to be aware only of those things that will ensure I have as pleasant a life as possible. Some live more in denial than others, but we all do deny what is in front of our face simply because we would rather not accept the reality of what is happening. Some of us even have the skill of convincing others of what we want them to believe (which is probably what they want to believe anyway). God though knows the heart of people and He knows how we limit our vision because we choose to see some things and not others. God knows how we choose to ignore some of the stuff He tells us because we know how hard it is going to be to see it and to have to respond to it. God knows how we automatically shut off from the world outside in order to preserve our comfort. It is exactly for this reason that God continues to help us see the world a little differently. This is exactly why we can only do all things perfectly with God’s help. On my own, I am lost but with God giving me a new vision, a new dream and a new way of perceiving, I can be a part of the renewal of creation itself.

Oh Lord, please do not let me deny you because I am afraid of receiving what you have to say to me. Please give me the courage to not cut out of my perception what you need to be in there. Please help me to receive a new vision, your vision and help me to thank you for the joy and the privilege of being a part of making your Holiness and Glory known in a world that has all but stopped seeing the hand of its Creator at work in it.


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