From Gavin’s desk 12/04/2020

Readings: Acts 10: 34-43, Psalm 118: 1-2, 14-24, Colossians 3: 1-4, John 20: 1-8

Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed

A seed is planted, it shoots down and it shoots up. Its tap root digs deeper and deeper into the soil that gives it life, soaking up the nutrients that are in the soil because as this seed grows into the life it is created for, it thirsts for the very substance of the soil that enabled its birth. Even as its tap root grows down, so its stem reaches for the air; it reaches for the cool breeze that carries the warmth and the moisture; it reaches for the light and the carbon dioxide that will give it the form, the colour, the fragrance, the function and the beauty that brings forth worship for the one who gave it life. Here is the testimony of a plant that has sung praises to its God in the same way that the plants from which it came have done since the Creator brought the first one into existence with a Word. The Word is full of life and warmth and nutrients, the Word that every single form of life yearns for, thirsts for, hungers for. Those that chase after the Word will be satisfied because the Word is not running away. The Word is coming towards us, running as a Parent to welcome their child, running as One who has moved heaven and earth to be with us, as One who has defeated death for us, as One who has removed every single obstacle from our path. The source of our life, of our peace and of our joy has taken everything that stands between us and His life-giving love out of the way.

This plant has nothing to stop its growth and its worship. There are no rocks, or walls, or curtains or thorns that can interfere. No winds, no droughts, no floods, no bugs can stop it. The Word has gotten rid of everything that would hamper our growth and our worship. There are rocks, there are walls, there are curtains and thorns; there are winds and droughts and floods and bugs but none of it can stop our worship of God because it is even in the presence of this that we thrive. We worship a God who walks alongside us and there is nothing that can get in the way of His love for us. There is nothing that can distance us from the God of life except ourselves.

We are a resurrection people and we know that after death we will rise but even more than that; it is in this life that we will live fully. It is in life that we will live as a resurrection people. It is in life that we hear Him call our names, that we will know the warmth and the nourishment of His embrace and that we will know ourselves rooted and growing in the very substance of the one who created us, the one who sustains us and the one who calls us to add value to the world around us. It is in this life that with God’s help we live as a resurrected people where we proclaim the good news of relationship with God through the peace made by Christ by our words and with our acts of mercy. We are an Easter people who choose love over survival and who care, who show mercy, who choose justice and joy not because it is what we try to do, but because it is who we are. We are kind because our God has been kind to us. We are patient because our God is patient with us. We are peaceful because our God has made peace with us. We have no reason to boast because we can only boast in what God has done for us and with us and in us.

We will go to where the Holy Spirit takes us because we see how people live in the pain of fear and hurt and agony when they don’t have to. We will go because we have found what our souls yearn for and we know that no soul will ever be content without it. Let me tell you about my God. Let me tell you about my Jesus. Let me tell you about my Jesus who is Risen. He is Risen indeed.


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