From Gavin’s desk 26/04/2020

Readings: Acts 2: 14, 36-41, Psalm 116: 1-4, 12-19, Luke 24: 13-35

How much easier is it when someone comes along for the ride when they are directing us to some place we are not sure how to get to? In the first place, we don’t have to try and cram everything into our head or try and decipher what we have written while we are driving and more than likely while we are driving in the wrong lane, or we don’t have to turn the map around when we go around a corner (because some of us are just like that). In the second place, it is always so much better when we have someone on the journey with us and we don’t have to travel on our own wondering if we have taken the wrong road or not, because without fail, when you said I will drive for a “bit” on a road, after my understanding of a “bit”, I wonder if I have gone too far because our “bits” are clearly not the same “bit”. In the third place, it is even better having someone drive with us, especially if they drive the vehicle for us, getting us not only from A to B but taking us on the scenic route and showing us all of the attractions we would have missed if we spent our time looking for road names and turn offs; especially if our cell phone’s battery has gone flat or we have run out of data at exactly the wrong time.

This is what our journey with Christ is like. We have the option of listening every now and then and spending most of our time and energy doing course corrections or we can invite Christ to come along on the journey and not only come on the journey; but to take the wheel. With Him being the one who steers our course; our trip will be the best possible trip we could ever have. Our concern will not be with getting to point B from point A because the whole purpose of our journey is the journey itself and not the destination. If we get to where we are going, we will know without doubt that this was the best possible trip we could have been on and we will want to stay in the vehicle for an eternal road trip.

Even better than travelling alone with Christ in the vehicle, we are able to invite everyone we know on this road trip because there is always space enough when Jesus drives. There is space enough for fellowship, there is space enough for personal time, there is space enough for silence, there is space enough for celebration, there is even space enough to have peace with ourselves, with the world, with the universe.

When we allow Christ to steer our course; every space, every place, every road, every corner becomes a moment in which we can grow in our experience of His glory and of His power, of His love and of His joy. Every second becomes a moment in which we are able to look back and see how Jesus has been a part of everything and how He has been present in everything. Since the creation of everything, He has been involved in everything because He is Lord and Christ of all. He has always been redeeming, especially when we have not cared to take notice and our disregard for His presence has brought about destruction. He has always been there and He is here now. He is here now and He is already in tomorrow. This is the One we need to invite to join us on our journey and around our table. May it become His journey and His table.


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