From Gavin’s desk 03/05/2020

Readings: Acts 2: 42-27, Psalm 23, John 10: 1-10

A diary is a fantastic invention. Whether it is a hard copy or an electronic version, it is always very helpful as we try and pack our daily lives full of activities that we believe will change the world and hopefully make the world a better place. Even better than a diary though is someone who will remind us to look at the diary, someone who will remind us what we have written in our diary because when we really get busy doing the stuff we have scheduled for ourselves to do and we are in the moment, we may forget that we were meant to be doing something else in three minutes time or were meant to be doing something half an hour ago.

I am not a great time keeper because I do get caught up in the moment. In my mind, this thing I am busy doing is the most important thing I could be doing, because if it wasn’t why would I be doing it? Listening to this person that I am listening to now, or writing this notice insert I am writing now is the most important thing I could be doing. Sometimes though I get caught up in the busyness of my day and anxious about everything that still needs to be done and so being busy with something mundane but vital can be irritating because I find myself telling myself I have more important stuff to do, when actually I just have something more interesting to do. Sometimes when I become anxious about a diary that leaves no room for breathing or being silent, then listening to someone who is taking too long to say what they need to be saying and are maybe hoping that I will guess what it is they are actually wanting to tell me but haven’t yet found the words is incredibly frustrating and I find myself thinking about the things I was going to be thinking about later while they ramble on.

However we tackle each moment of each day, we need people around us who know us well enough and care about our relationship with God and others enough to pull us up short and correct us. We need someone who will help us prioritise our diaries and leave spaces for us to breathe and think and smell the roses. We need someone who will hold us accountable to what we are doing and to how we are listening. We need people who will keep us in check because I think that without those people, we will so easily slip into being somebody we don’t recognise, somebody who has no regard for all of the values and principles we used to hold dear.

God surrounds us with those people. They are the ones who are in the body of Christ, the ones who are on the same journey of faith, the ones who share our values and our principles and the ones who will engage us on our diaries and on the way they make or break us. God is good and He gives us the gift of community because in community we are able to mature into people who are able to maintain balance and remember who we are in Christ.


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