From Gavin’s desk 24/05/2020

Readings: Acts 1: 6-14, Psalm 68: 1-10, 32-35, John 17: 1-11

It is incredible how salt and rice both draw water to themselves.  At the coast you need to put rice in the salt so that the rice will draw water to itself and keep the salt dry otherwise the salt becomes clumpy as it draws water in. If you spill salt on a surface and leave it overnight, by morning it will be a space of salty damp. I like to think that since both rice and salt are from water, they draw water out of the atmosphere as they struggle to return to the water that they came from.

If anyone has ever encouraged you to put a phone you have dropped in water into a bag of rice, then they have given you sound advice. Since rice is hygroscopic (it has the ability to draw water to itself), the dry rice will draw the moisture out of the phone. Salt shares this property with rice and I really wonder if this is not one of the most beautiful examples of our life in Christ.

Salt and rice come from water and once the rice has dried and the salt is crystallized and crushed into useable salt, they both retain within their nature the need to be united to the water from which they came. We come from God and even though our appearance is changed and altered, our basic characteristic is that we will always have a need to be drawn fully into the presence of God. It is a part of who we are; we retain within our altered nature a need to be connected with the nature from which we came. Salt and rice can both deny the existence of water by remaining in an airtight container, but as soon as that container is opened, they will both automatically draw the water out of the atmosphere in order to return to the place they came from. We can deny the presence of God or the existence of God or even deny the significance of God and we can create our own gods or we can even believe that we are god, but our spirits will always draw the Spirit of God into us. We hunger for God and for God’s presence. We thirst for union with our Creator and our default setting, regardless of what we do to try and change it; is for union with God.

This is why Jesus prays for unity for His disciples. He knows how hard it is going to be for them to remain united with each other and with God once He has ascended into heaven. The society that they come from and that they are subject to will try and force them into a mould they don’t belong to. The society has forced itself into a mould it doesn’t belong in and it has taken the shape of something that is not natural to it, but there is something within it that rebels against its true form and it seems to want to do everything it can to remain outside of its natural state.

Jesus came to show us who we are and the disciples have embraced it because when they tried it, they found it was the best fit they could ever have. They have found the life they came from and it is good. It may not be easy, but it is good. Don’t resist the work of the Holy Spirit as God works with you in transforming your nature back into your true nature; the nature of God.


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