From Gavin’s desk 07/06/2020

Readings: Genesis 1:1 – 2:4a, Psalm 8, 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13, Matthew 28: 16-20

The longer this pandemic persists and governments around the world apply seemingly random regulations, the more I think that governments the world over sometimes get a little confused between creating an open market for profiteering and actually governing the people (who may or may not have willingly given them the authority to govern). We are being forced to ask whether they are meeting the ends of justice in doing the best they can for the people under their care or if they are playing the game of power, which is often funded by big business. For so many of us, this moment in history is truly a surreal moment; a moment that seems more like a story than a reality. Even in it’s devastation to life and economy, it makes a perfect script for a “plot impossible” movie and we are asking the question whether we see before us a movie of love, hope and healing in the making or if we see before us the makings of an unbelievable “Spy vs. Spy” movie. I guess the answer to this is not either/or, but it is both. We possess within us the capacity for great good but also for great evil when we rely on our own strength and when we follow our own reasoning. When we see the Church at work in the world, when we see the church being the manifestation of love in the world, we see a story of love, hope and healing and we see the story of God’s people following God’s leading.

When we hear laws being made up that are inconsistent and without justification, we see a story that belongs in the annals of the cold war epoch. With the events within our own nation’s history of apartheid and state capture, with the ongoing manipulation of the social and fiscal systems, the abuses of trust and the use of the many for the enrichment of the few; we would be justified in asking if it is because all governments are naturally evil. I think it is simply because governments are run by people who have been given power by the people and that power corrupts. I think that given the same power; the majority of us would do the same thing in the same situation. I think we should never think of ourselves so highly that we consider ourselves beyond corruption.

God does not derive His power from the people and so God remains incorruptible. God’s power is by virtue of the fact that God is God and God will not change, whether we give Him power to lead us or not. He is bigger than the limits of our imagination, He is bigger than any of our decisions, He is bigger than the authority that our approval or disapproval would possibly be able to grant. God’s motives and actions are not dependant on us and so He is not swayed by our opinions and thoughts. His heart may break for us when we struggle or hurt others and He may celebrate with us when we celebrate something good, but that does not change anything about God because God is perfect and God is complete. What God does do is He helps us to be as He is. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are eternally at work in teaching humanity who God is and helping humanity be good as God is good. God is good because God is exactly what God needs to be. Creation was good because it did exactly what God needed it to do and we corrupted it and so God is busy with the work of helping it be Righteous and Faithful and Good. God is righteous and He is faithful and He is good because He is love and that is what love is.


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