From Gavin’s desk 11/10/2020

Readings: Exodus 20: 22-26, 32:1 – 33:6, Psalm 106: 1-6, 19-23

Some stories require blood, sweat and tears to be born. These are stories where you have to hunt for every word as you try and complete a sentence, as you try and complete a paragraph, as you try and complete a page. Other stories write themselves. These are the stories that begin with a spark of inspiration and as the words give expression to that inspiration, the inspiration grows and blooms and carries you along in its stream and when you awake from the dream; the story is written and the reader is moved.

I think that one of the most inspired stories to write with our lives is a story that is not a story that is told in isolation, but a story that is a part of an ongoing story; a story that was started many generations before us and will continue many generations after us. These stories can free us as they inspire us to greater things and as they offer us purpose. When we have to work out why we are here from scratch and what we are meant to be doing while we are here, it can be quite daunting and difficult, but when we know that we are meant to add value to the world and add to the positive legacy that was left by those who came before us, it is easier to find our own road and still leave clear the path for those coming after us to find it for themselves.

When we write our own story within the greater story, our introduction is connected to someone else’s main body and still someone else’s conclusion. Our main body and conclusion is connected to the introduction, main body and conclusion of the stories that others are writing for themselves, even as they are written within the greater story. The beginning of my story is a part of the story that my mother and my father wrote, the conclusion of the stories that my grandparents wrote and it is a story that runs concurrently to the stories my brother and sister are writing.

When God offers Moses to start a new people from his loins; Moses is humble enough to realise that his story is only a small part of a story of becoming that started many generations before him and it is a story that will continue for many generations after him. He is aware that he is not the central character or the one who will determine the fate of the universe. He is humble enough to know that what God has started, God will bring to completion and its completion will bring glory to the author, to the central character, to the one who will determine the fate of the universe.


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