Dorcas Ministry

Dorcas Group
In Acts 9: 36-41, we meet Dorcas; who was a believer that went about doing good work and helping the poor. To do good and help the poor is our aim and is the aim of Dorcas groups throughout the world. It is through doing good and helping those who are unable to help themselves that we seek to show God’s love and goodness.

We try to help in practical ways like supplying on a monthly basis, the Helderberg Street People’s Centre with mielie meal and used clothing. We have several knitters who knit and crochet blankets and we also knit beanies that’s been given to the needy during the cold winter months. We as the Dorcas group supplies a local crèche with groceries – on a monthly basis and also give them special “treats” at Easter and at Christmas times.
We plan to support Hopefield House where several of our congregation live. This probably will take the form of groceries as well as help with maintaining the house.
We support the youth of our church with petrol money for the vehicles used to transport them to and from our church as they meet weekly for fellowship and growing in the word.
We offer assistance to those who need help with their shopping and their monthly errands and we have helped and are able to help the elderly pack up their homes when moving to a retirement village or to their children.

Our projects are financed from our regular used clothing sales. This enables us to be financially self-sufficient. This is important to us – and we do thank the congregation for their very generous donations of good used clothing. We rely on the communal help and we greatly appreciated!
If you need our help please contact us through the church office.

We meet regularly to share ideas, plan and laugh, and have become a friendly and hopefully an effective little group. Anyone wishing to join us is more than welcome.