(Methodist Homes for the Aged)

Sencit was an initiative by the Rusthof Methodist Church’s to offer a safe and loving home for the less fortunate, the destitute and abandoned senior citizens within the Helderberg basin. Currently Sencit provides accom

modation to 41 residents. (15 Gent’s and 26 Ladies) that in general can’t afford the full cost of rental at old aged homes. One of their biggest challenges are to get the community involved – to serve on the Management Committee or become donors ensuring a financial break even month to month or volunteers coming around from time to time to 

give physical assistance.

Our church (Strand Methodist) assists the residents by providing them with “goodie bags”. We have vouched to a monthly amount given by the church for funding and purchase of toiletries to make up “goodie bags”. These “goodie bags” are distributed by dedicated members to the residents on the 1st day of every month.
The contents of a “goodie bag” are filled with necessary toiletries, a snack or two and sometimes adding a surprise as the local community contributes and supports us with gifts to add to the goodie bag.
During each residents birthday month we enjoy making the “goodie bag” unique by including something special together with a birthday card/message from the church.
During Christmas times we have always added many extras. These extra’s we receive from a group of sponsors who graciously give us goodies at Christmas time.
We are blessed to recognize the current need and are reminded of the humility in serving God’s people as His hands in this ministry.
Should you have any enquiries regarding Sencit or would like to get involved please Contact them on the details below.


– +27 21 845 8502                               –